2016 AtelierD, Symposium, Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations humaines, Luxembourg


Can secret magic moments still exist while the usage of an old industrial site gets established and regulated by a culturalinstitution? Crocodile Гена, a character of 70ies soviet TV sings a birthday song to himself in the middle of dirty industrial tristesse. He becomes the patron of this investigation. 

The site of the abandoned steal factory is larger than it´s attached town in Luxembourg. It has been unofficially re-utilized over the last 30 years by all sorts of users looking for a secret getaway off the grid. Can these secret magic moments still exist when the access of the old industrial site gets established and organized by a culturalinstitution? Along with a month long symposium that marks the upbeat of this new development, we develope a project that pushes the boudaries of this question. In an overpraised glorification of the site, the „bodypillow“, shaped foam on the polluted site becomes an icon, a recognizable brand labeling a wide range of merchandise. It develops it´s own dynamics detached from it´s original meaning. Its boundless growth detaches completely from it´s myth of origin and gets out of hand


 2014 Die Schaumzünder zeigen, was sie gebaut haben, MKH Biennale Halberstadt, Germany

The sculpture „Schaumzünder“ connects public rooms of different qualities and provides an image evolving through urban space.

The townscape, a blend of soviet and medieval structures is characterized by abandoned spaces due to changed demographics of recent years. Themixture of surplus industrial products and hand fitted modules connects mobile and pliable. The carefully transported water becomes material and the trigger for a gentle and volatile sound. It´s about empty spaces, needfull fallow periods, mobile thoughts, patience, democracy, about “taking action” in the right moment. The asked questions appeal to recourses: The needs and necessities of space, beyond regional thinking and simultaneity. How much matter and material does one need?

Volunteering assistants set up the  "snap-in" track system for every day of the exhibition following this Manual. The borrowed  crates go back to a local mushroom farm by the end of the Biennale.

bretzenheim_11_2013__MG_0708 Kopie.jpg

2013 Concrete Balloon   IGS Mainz- Bretzenheim

Concrete Balloon facilitates an intuitive seat-taking and communication in all directions.

„Concrete Balloon“ won the public commission to be placed on a school roof and used by students. A platform of communication and activity opened by the six objects of a light grey concrete with a velvety surface. In their clear and unobtrusive shapes they step back for the protagonists of the setting: the school kids. Starting at the formal language of a comic, a two dimensional medium, sketched talking- and thinking- bubbles are lifted into the third dimension and become a dialog. The reduction to two colors and materials underlines the esthetics of comics and makes a direct reference to the present architecture as well. The 50 by 10ft field on the school yard on the roof is perceived as a panel of a comic or storyboard. Pupils´daily use of the sculptures complete the empty balloons with their personal stories, thoughts and action in constant flow. The plurality of shapes and directions opens the view. The project was realized in august 2013.

Croissantfabrik: House with metabolism

2011  "Playing the City" Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

A house who´s mysterious metabolism is set in motion by passersby.

The Croissantfabrik evolves from the existing 10m high concrete structure. It becomes more than just a symbol for a house but a precise functioning and introverted ecosystem following itsown logic. The „house“ maintains, services, and occupies itself. Kinetic and biochemical movements are part of the house-internal metabolism. It also becomes an equal protagonist of the “city jungle”: it shapes, reinvents and affects the city. It creates space and fills a location but serves neither a person nor a city function. Although it is formally a building, it rejects the emitted use.

%22Mfg aus Upper Bleistein%22 3 ,2009, öffentlicher Raum,Foto Erik Cusminus.JPG

 2010 public space, Mainz Germany

40 objects on wheels built from the city´s materials as a gift to the city. It´s about mobility, new contexts and perception. About all of us as inhabitants between system and chaos. 

They can slide  in silence or sprint with noise. They also stand still and offer a seat. They are built from the city´s materials. The visitors of the reception roll into the  city and hand out the sculptures to all inhabitants for free disposal. Space is in flux.