A house who´s mysterious metabolism is set in motion by passersby. 



Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt 2011

The 10-meter-high table made of concrete is more a 3-dimensional layout than architecture. The goal is to make “playing the city” a fixed station in Frankfurt – a real construction. The point is to shape the city, reinvent and affect it, create space and become an equal part of the “city jungle”. The structure fills a location and serves neither a personalnor a city function. The foundation and implementation is purely an end in itself. 
Although it is formally a building, it rejects the emitted use. The promise of the use of form is not kept. The formed spaces are not accessible. The construction is more than just a symbol for a house. It is precise and functions within its own logic as an introverted ecosystem.
The house maintains, services, and occupies itself. Kinetic and biochemical movements are part of the house-internal metabolism.