Series of 50 enriched boxes.
Dealing with these objects is tricky. But also icky: They leave discomfort.

Their ambiguity seduces with conflicting attractions. Are we dealing with a private matter here or with a exhibit to be displayed? Is the origin and home of the sculptures the custom-made, accurately fitted box or the smooth pedestal? Every possible combination on display forces to leave part of the ensemble behind in the box. A „right“ decision denies its possibility. The profane is treated like the magical and the gilded turns out to be a leftover. 




2017  Architekturgalerie Kaiserslautern

Die Croissantstrategie

The Croissantstrategie is a longterm research project investigating the emergence of space. While following aspects of the Croissant as a spacial appearance, I am building unpredictable, risky  Installations and pieces. I am looking for fragile, intangible solutions and connecters between human and environment.


2017  SET 8 betakontext, Berlin

Fountain Series


Growing series of tailor-made fountains.
For a "rite of spring" Berlin´s gallery/hotel space betakontext calls for manipulations and additions of a guest room. 
My fountain suggests contradictory ways of handling and functionality and does not comply what it´s outer appearance implies. The ambiguous choice of material intertwines references of areas that normally don´t overlap. Fragments known from utility- or outdoor- gear and applications resembling oversized dentist supplies clash with an incitement of lingerie or sexual associations. It hangs with the towel, snaps to the sink and combines the industrial with the organic, the familiar with the alien. It builds a connection between human and thing and between the visitor and the new temporary location.  



2015   1078 Gallery, Chico, California

The inhabitants of Dooberville show how they build

In the community of Chico where I have worked for a while- Everybodyseems to be concerned with growing. The material of my installation is borrowed from Chico inhabitants. The technics a mixture of self taught object building and knowledge North Californian locals have shared with me. 
I investigate the region´s urban and agricultural ecosystems and use them to build my own one: A modular system partly industrial partly a forced nature. I am appropriating space, habits and the self shaped currency to create an installation that keeps a fragile balance. It moves, scales the human audience up or down, depending on their perspective and lays out a landscape that´s asking for intense care.


2015    Freistil, Kunstverein Speyer und LBS Rheinland Pfalz


This collapsable, inflatable and breathing life-size sculpture was manufactured in California deflated and shipped to the gallery by mail along with a manual

10 artist from 2 countries get together to show their work but tread their exhibition like the ring of a wrestling match: Freistil- Wrestling Germany/ USA. Along my dispute with wrestling I am thinking about polished bodies that become an alive sculpture but incapable to hide their human character: The rhythm of breathing and muscle contraction, the interaction with an opponent and the smell. Attraction and fascination have to declare their fight on repulsion and disgust and compete for victory. My kinetic flexing and collapsing wrestler named Mr U is stuck exactly in between both poles. 



2015   REFUGE IN REFUSE, SOMArts, San Francisco


Landfill in the Bay shapes a peninsula:
The Albany BULB.
 It´s occupation by homeless locals shapes a community. The new society creates an own magical world, unreal stories and beautiful architectural inventions. 

A decommissioned shoreline construction dump located in Albany, California offers the home for around 40 formerly homeless residents who formed their very own community.
I am reflecting on the intersection of architecture, art and ecology, but also systems, society and the value of resources. For more than two decades graffiti artists, recreationalists and the homeless have shared the Bulb, exploring borders between public and private urban space. What evolved is a parallel world full of different subjective versions and perspectives. The local humans in their own environment and their created microcosmos is the content of interactive, photographic, sculptural, and narrative works realized in low- and high tech. The project that is still in progress is a collaboration with 3 local artists from the Bay Area.