How do we unscramble reality?  


2017/18  Formation
seminar and exhibition, Fachbereich Architektur TU Kaiserslautern

Throughout this seminar we acquire strategies to analyse and read the world.

We persue two contrasting, parallel tracks to approach varying processes of decision-making in terms of forms and the inbetween-spaces they generate. Exchange of content, sensitive observation and practical exercises affect each other and merge into an ongoing process of handling an individual formal problem. The independent but accompanied studio-practice is central to this class and allows an individual and enduring immersion into the own topic. We take the resulting questions seriously and let them determine over the directions these projects are taking. 


student´s projects are currently on display at Unionkino, independent movie theatre Kaiserslautern: http://www.union.film-kunst-kino.de/event/25494

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"An explosion is not destruction but transformation.” 
Roman Signer

2017  Devastation Sounds
seminar and subsequent publication,
Fachbereich Architektur TU Kaiserslautern

The sensation of destruction is central to this sensitive observation and research. Physical and mental experiences will be linked and the possibilities to read them accessed in an open and unfiltered approach. A discursive exchange about experimental material-processes, destructive and constructive aesthetic strategies and international positions will be resumed by the conception and execution of an individual artistic problem. 


The sixth volume of an academic series by Künstlerisches Gestalten (Section Artistic Design) in the architecture department at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern will be published in january 2019.

Image: gallery shot, Tom Sachs: Space Program Europa,
YBCA, San Francisco. 2016 Judith Leinen

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Our questions and research ideas consider the immediate daily environment.

2015/16  Subtext Metatext Kontext
seminar and subsequent publication
Fachbereich Architektur TU Kaiserslautern

Formal explorations extended to personal and autonomous research- fields. These investigations where accompanied by positions of visual arts, literature, architecture and choreography. 


This is the fourth volume of an academic series published by Künstlerisches Gestalten (Section Artistic Design) in the architecture department at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern. It contains reflections on the implemented projects and a commonly shared and developed discourse.

find online version:   SubtextMetatextKontext
or hard copy: ISBN 3-935627-17-3 order here

Image: "Subtext Metatext Kontext ",2015  Judith Leinen

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