collapsable installation using public transportation to the gallery 


Can secret magic moments still exist when the usage of an old industrial site gets established and regulated by a cultural  institution?






Atelier D, Le Centre de Documentation sur les Migrations, Luxembourg, 2015

Crocodile Гена, a character of 70ies soviet TV sings a birthday song to himself in the middle of dirty industrial tristesse. He becomes the patron saint to this investigation. The site of the abandoned steal factory is larger than it´s attached town in Luxembourg. It has been unofficially re-utilized over the last 30 years by all sorts of users looking for a secret getaway off the grid. Can these secret magic moments still exist when the access of the old industrial site gets established and organized by a cultural  institution? Along with a month long symposium that marks the upbeat of this new development, we develope a project that pushes the boudaries of this question. In an overpraised glorification of the site, the „bodypillow“, shaped foam on the polluted site becomes an icon, a recognizable brand labeling a wide range of merchandise. It develops it´s own dynamics detached from it´s original meaning. Its boundless growth detaches completely from it´s myth of origin and gets out of hand.