An offbeat system proliferates and connects through the building. It occupies and interferes with the workspace of politics.  




Abgeordnetenhaus Rheinland-Pfalz, Mainz, Germany 2010

This work is a temporarily installed reality that plays with potentials, stories, jest and seriousness – a graphical and geographical arrangement. Trust and the sense of responsibility are important elements.
The colorful, multi-branched, sputtering, squirting, dripping, flowing water system was installed in the representative assembly building in of the state capital Mainz. It is connected to the water tap in the office of a representative.
Pipes leave the room and branch out. One of them leads directly out of the window and opens into a shower on a sidewalk. Others follow different funnels, stairs, hoses, gutters, and udders along offices, meeting rooms and toilets of different political parties. Small plants are sprouting wherever the system leaks. The system reached gradually the ground floor.