A research project investigating the emergence of space while following aspects of the Croissant.



Die Croissantstrategie
Architekturgalerie, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 2017 and ongoing

The Croissantstrategie is a longterm research project investigating the emergence of space. While following aspects of the Croissant I am building Installations and pieces, looking for fragile, intangible solutions and connecters between human and environment.
A croissant in its sculptural appearance is barely understandable. The almost vanishing membranes build walls to giant air spaces while expansive areas can compress into the tiniest space. Thanks to its inherent material properties it comes with the ability of spatial expansion. It cannot be simply be built from bottom to top! Its evolution depends on processes, triggers, aggregate-states or attractive and repulsive forces. I am turning these notions of complex intertwined and only partially predictable and impressionable factors into a strategy. Persuing my experimantal research and findings leads to collaborations with pastrychefs, sexshop-owners, architects and chemnists.